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kakalak – reaktor instrument

kakalak is a native instruments reaktor ensemble which is highly inspired from the legendary software metasynth’s ‘shuffler’ and the ‘spectrumsynth’ modules. the ensemble has two operating modes, a granular rhythmic sequencer and a grain cloud generator.

the rhythmic sequencer is based on the idea of the performer seeing the actual waveform of the sample and choosing places and a time division of the master clock to generate rhythmic patterns. the user also has the ability to change the pitch, choose the duration of grains, apply the ‘human’ factor to sampling -which is kind of the gimmick of this ensemble-. no modules for recording the output has been created, so the performer is highly encouraged to play and record the output -as if he/she is using a real acoustic instrument-.


the grain cloud generator section is a cheesy attempt to find an alternative to metasynth’s spectrumsynth. it regenerates clouds of selected grains and the user can select any part of the waveform and play live with the grains for creating nice and evolving textures.