‘once a gamepad’ midi controllers

once a gamepad 1 – midi controller

once a gamepad 1 was my first attempt to hack a usb gamepad for pleasure. it is a classic usb gamepad which has been modified to fit in a sample hobby project case with the retro arcade buttons and the knobs. it sends midi note on-off messages through the arcade buttons and the knobs are sending cc values as usual.

once a usb gamepad 1 has been used for triggering various layers of the example song in “interactive music experiments”.

the buttons were used to trigger loops for pads, rhythmic vocal samples and the vocals in the song. the knobs were used for adjusting the pitch and the starting points of the male voice loops and for the delay and reverb effects.

once a gamepad 2 – midi controller

once a gamepad 2 was also made from a usb gamepad. there were six arcade buttons and only one knob in this device. the circuitboard, the buttons and the knob were housed in an old retro beta cassette rewinder -it actually had a circuit which made some music (for unknown reasons?) which was going to be a part of the instrument if it hadn’t been broken while trying to make it work. the reason there are only six buttons and one knob is to limit the performer and dedicate the device to perform only one specific thing (to be used in interactive music experiments).

unfortunately this device was never used in the experiments because the casing was too old and fragile to be carried around and died soon after it was made.