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emir yargın album


produced, mixed and mastered emir yargin’s debut album in 2011.

i first met emir when we worked on a song idea which later become ‘kopek’. after producing the song, we performed at roxy muzik gunleri and he won the second prize with the song. after this success we decided to work on an album.
his debut album consists of 8 colorful-energetic-electronic pop songs that tell stories about a wide spectrum of weird characters such as a sock, and a weird creature in a dark forest as well as kind of sad love stories. the album was marketed as a pop album but yet emir gained more recognition from an audience that is generally against pop music. he soon became famous for parody videos he made online and kept growing his audience.

emir was a blast to work with. not only he was a great singer, he also was a super funny person and gave great creative insight that took the project to the next level.

i composed, mixed and mastered the album in 2011. after the release i also toured with him and was in charge of live electronics in his set. we performed in istanbul, bursa, adana, antalya and alanya sometimes with a band, sometimes just him and myself and sometimes with robots on stage!emirperform1