mutlu son – hayallerin gerçek olsun album

co-produced, co-composed, arranged and mixed mutlu son’s debut album in 2010.

when i was approached by ‘murat gonullu’ who is a multi-talented award winning director from turkey and italy, i was super excited to work on a project with a fresh concept.

the name of the project is ‘mutlu son’ which can be translated as ‘happy ending’ and the album ‘hayallerin gercek olsun’ (‘may your dreams come true’ consists of 4 oriental-nu disco songs about optimism and two instrumental extended remixes.

the first music video was shot for ‘hayallerin gercek olsun’ and was the first 3d video that has been shot for tv in turkey at the time. the live performances also featured awesome visuals that accompanied the songs.

the album was mastered in babajim studios by pieter snapper and then released in 2012 by ati muzik.